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Student Stories

 Jett Ramsay

Jett Ramsay

I began dancing at Extreme Dance Studios at the age of 6. Over the course of my 10 years at Extreme I progressed and advanced my technique and artistry through growth and endurance.
In recent years Miss Sarah pushed and supported my journey the whole way and was committed to me as my mentor. Miss Sarah taught me how to prosper and expand my strength physically and mentally through guidance and attention to responsibility for my training.
My journey has grown my understanding of respect, loyalty, safety, independence, communication, trust and honesty.
I take all of those attributes to the next part of my training as a Full time student at the Australian Ballet.

Samara Merrick

I was 9 Years old when I started dancing at Extreme Dance Studios. The first year I was going 2 days a week but as I fell in love with Ballet and became more serious I increased my tuition to a couple of hours 4 nights a week including Saturdays. I was then asked to audition for the Intensive Training Program with the Australian Ballet School. I was accepted to this program and so it all began.

I participated in many genres of dance at Extreme such as Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Character and Acro. I competed in Eisteddfods in most styles of dance in both Solos and Groups. Eisteddfods were such a great place for me. I had so much fun performing and working as part of a Group with my friends, teachers and dance mums.

After being with Extreme for a couple of years I became very close with everyone and I knew they would always be there supporting me and without some of those families inviting into their home to stay every weekend for Saturday classes I would not have been able to pursue my ballet dreams.

I also participated in the RAD Ballet exams, which were a great way for me to work on perfecting technique and training for the future. I would go over and over the exercises trying to perfect them and even if I couldn’t quite get them Miss Sarah was always there supporting me and helping me.

Every year I went to Melbourne for a week for the ITP program at the Australian Ballet and I took my training from Extreme with me to every class. Every class was like an audition for me as after that week we would find out if we had been accepted to progress to the next level. After completing level 3 I was invited to audition for the Fulltime level 4 program. After an anxious wait I finally received my acceptance letter and emotions ran very high.

I am now in my second year of fulltime training in the level 5 program.

Miss Sarah’s training helped me to get where I am now. Extreme Dance Studios were a major part of my ballet journey and I am glad to be still using that training today and will take it with me in my future.

 Samara Merrick
 Amber Jenkins student

Amber Jenkins

I only had the opportunity to dance at ‘Extreme’ for one year and I say ‘only’ because I wish I had started there earlier or had longer time there. Before attending Extreme Dance Studios I was in a place where I doubted my ability or potential to improve as a dancer/performer and make it further than where I have ever been. However, not only did I gain the best ballet training to push my technique further and great dancers around me to be inspired by and love dancing with, I gained confidence, inspiration, motivation and an eagerness to never stop chasing my dreams.
I am now in Sydney attending Full-time dance at Village Nation with thanks to ‘Miss Sarah’ and Extreme. I was encouraged and inspired to work hard toward goals, learning more about myself as a performer and what I needed to focus on to achieve them.

Chenaye Meyer

I was only at the studio for a short time but it has been one of the best experiences.
I always looked forward to class with Miss Sarah as she was always so knowledgeable when it came to technique, movement quality and dynamics.
Classes at Extreme were always interesting and exciting, but were also challenging. I would always leave class knowing I had learnt something I could take with me in my Professionals career as a dancer.
At Extreme there is never a sense of favouritism. Each instructor gave their students an equal amount of attention and an opportunity to be their best self/dancer.
I didn’t expect to gain so much in such a short time but I’m so thankful for the time I had at Extreme.

 Chenaye Meyer student
 Erin Duly student

Erin Duly

My past 2 years at Extreme was absolutely amazing and unforgettable. The amount of support I received from my teachers and peers was wonderful.
It was great to be in an environment that had a friendly competitive atmosphere, in every class you would feel inspired by your friends and peers. By having this kind of environment to dance in my dancing improved out of site and helped me to achieve my goal of receiving an offer to study full-time at Transit Dance this year.
The professional and up to date training that was produced by all the teachers allowed me to find potential I didn’t even know I had, as well as all the students in the Studio. Every week someone would be kicking their goals and striving towards their ambitions.
Throughout those 2 years I bonded with my teachers very quickly and they became not only my mentors but also my friends, they knew my limitations, but also my potential and by being lead in that direction in every class they allowed me to be where I am today.
I can’t thank the teachers enough for their guidance and support over the past couple of years and of course the years to come. Once you enter into the EDS family you never leave.

Caitlin Tierney

Training at Extreme Dance Studios under the direction of Sarah Quinn were some of the best years of my life. I was always inspired, challenged, loved and supported by all of my teachers and friends that I formed strong bonds with. After being exposed to other dance schools and now taking my first steps into the professional dance industry, I am confident that the training I received at Extreme Dance Studios is industry leading and the very best you can find. It has prepared me as a dancer for my career as well as prepared as a person for my life.

 Caitlin Tierney student